Hi! I’m Nimia…

And this is my blog.

In here I’m sharing true stories, thoughts and experiences that will be very vulnerable, funny or just plain weird, but I hope you can follow along and see where this takes us. Along the way you’re welcome to reach out. Have advice for me? I’d love to hear it. Need to ask me anything or just need a simple prayer? Let me know! Even if it’s just for hellos, I’m here.


Lets Talk About it | Life

I’ve had my fair share of anxiety issues and depression and it’s always been hard to talk about it. Why? Well you scroll down your feed and you see so much perfection and gets you wondering.. is there something wrong with me? My life? And we tend to forget that life isn’t as perfect as we make it seem on social media…

The Paradox Of This Believer | Faith

I was raised being "Christian," but I didn't get to believe in God until about two years ago honestly. I know, I am not sure where I was the other 25 years, but I can see now that I was in limbo, lost. Which is why if you do not believe in God I understand. I mean come on, I was raised in a Christian home and didn't believe it. Sometimes I still have to reel myself back in because I go off on the very edge of not understanding again. There are three main struggles I have with Believing in God, Jesus and all the stories you can find in the bible.

Look I know that travel isn’t for everyone but I feel like personally I was born to travel. I loved it from the very beginning. I know it might be thinking that’s probably because I’ve had it good when I traveled. But back when I took my first trips, it was not glamorous, not even just a bit.



I dreamed of one day owning a business that I could use to make an impact on other's lives and to support and empower women. I grew up in a culture that gender inequality was so dominant. Add having a mother who suffered from a lack of financial independence and being raised with a dad who was a gifted entrepreneur, was like the perfect storm to birth a dream that seemed too big for little me…



Truly loving someone is hard but sometimes it is harder to let love in. I swear I am a mess, I find it easier to feel love and compassion for people in the street begging than letting close people around me love me. The worst part is you tend to hurt the people that are closest to you. You might not have this problem, but for those who struggle with this kind of love, I feel you.


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