Hi! My name is Nimia. 

I’m the owner of Elohim + Nim Clothing and Accessories. I work for Sweet Baton Rouge, a local T-Shirt company and I work with my dad in car sales. I’ve learned to love another human, who is the complete opposite of me and he happened to love me back! I have a rescued pitty named Cayman that I adore with all my heart. I’m part of a family whose lifestyle, most people would consider insane. I have a best friend who is just as weird as me. I get to travel a lot for work, and I’m blessed to be really good at winging trips on a budget. I am going through a spiritual journey that I can't really wrap my logical brain around. The one thing I have learned so far is that Jesus loves me and I don’t deserve it. Also, above all things I’m a child of God.

I’ve always felt that I was different because of how I viewed things, my thoughts didn't always line up with the people around me. So many times I just kept them to myself with the fear of offending someone else. 

In school, I got in trouble and almost expelled because I didn't agree with the views that my teacher had and I was not going to allow her to force her views upon me. As an adult I learned that I had to grow up, my perspective didn’t change, but I had to pick my battles. I learned to not always speak my mind because everyone's upbringing is different and sometimes that's what shapes their views. 

After a while, holding things in became a habit. I never wanted to share anything because I didn’t see what the point was. I felt alone for a long time because I lived in my head and I bottled things up, but life went on.

In 2015, I got the privilege of being the first college graduate of my family. I picked a career that my parents weren’t happy with, but they were still supportive. I went out into the world filled with energy and passion, but then life hit me. I couldn’t find a job with my Apparel Design Degree and my Business minor was just a perk for those reviewing resume. So I joined the workforce in whatever I could find.

I picked up multiple jobs. I worked random, odd jobs. You name it, I did it! I learned I was good at a lot, but didn’t excel at anything. I wasn’t doing anything interesting so I started to travel and post about my travels. I then took a leap of faith and launched an online store, which required me to travel even more. 

After a while, the comments started to roll in. My notifications were filled with me being told how my life was so easy or even perfect. It is so easy to disguise your life on social media, but people forget there's so much more behind that screen.  Soon comments such as, "you're so lucky" or "you have it all figured out" started to really bother me. 

During that time my family was going through a rough patch, and I began to silently battle with depression and anxiety. The comments telling me how good my life was made this battle more difficult. So I decided to start this blog. I wanted to connect with others and let them know they aren't so different from me. 

I want people to know they aren’t going through things alone. I want to encourage anyone feeling like they can’t open up about the things they've held in for years. I want to show people what I've gone through and what I'm going through beneath that perfect picture that's painted on social media. 

Lastly, the most important reason why I HAD to start this blog is that God began to stir it up within me. He reminded me that we’ve been put on this earth to love others, which is always encouraging to remember. I love the reminder that everything happens for a reason and that it is all a part of God's grand plan.  I was placed here and will go through things in order to help someone else. Just like someone is on this earth to help me on my journey. Remembering that makes life so much more meaningful and it gives me a sense of purpose. 

Through this blog, I will be sharing true stories, thoughts, and feelings that at times will be very vulnerable, funny or just plain weird, but I hope you can follow along and see where this takes us. Along the way, you’re welcome to reach out. Have advice for me? I’d love to hear it. Need to ask me anything, need advice on something, or just a simple prayer? Send them my way! Even if it’s just for hellos, I’m here for whatever. 

Cheers to the unexpected path ahead! 

By Grace + With Gusto,

Nimia <3