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What I am Believing For 2019

Let me start by confessing I’ve been praying to be a vessel of God’s love for the longest time. When I was little, it would break my heart to see children and old people begging in the street. It was frustrating to know there was nothing I could do to help and all I wanted was to make a difference. Then I started praying, “Lord, use me. Lord, I am ready.” It sounds nice, right? Asking God to be used to be a good person to others? Yes, it is until he answers your prayers. All of these opportunities got laid out in my path, and I froze. I have been scared to take a step forward or even talk about them to people. Why? Well, the fear of failing to be honest, but this isn't for me or about anything I can do in my own strength. I am not qualified for any of it, so why am I scared? If this is from God. If I asked to just be the vessel, then the pressure is not on me but on God.

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