Why the blog?

After going through a couple hard patches in life and feeling alone, God help me realize that hard times were not for nothing but for us to help others with our experience. I share because it helps me feel like I am not alone (because most of the time we aren’t) and because it gives meaning to my experience to know it might help someone else.

What is the HANg-outs?

In a technology world, it is easy to lose that personal touch. The face-to-face intentional time is so hard to come across, so this is what the Hang-Outs are for. If you want to sit down and talk about something I have shared, maybe there is something you want to share with me or you just want to make a new friend. Whatever it is, let’s set up a Hang-Outs.

If that’s not your style and you rather do something with a group, I have something for you too! Along the way, I will also be setting up scheduled Hang-Outs in popular coffee shops and book stores around town. You can bring a friend or just make one at the Hang-Outs. Whatever you do, my only hope is for you to find a place to share, talk, discuss and connect with others face-to-face again. To get notified subscribe to my email list or follow along social media.


How Can I contact you?

You can reach me through Instagram, Facebook and if you scroll all the way down and click on “Contact” you can send a direct message to my email. To make it easier you can always click the icons at the top right of the screen and they will redirect you to any of my social media.

P.S. I respond faster on Instagram.

What platform are you using?

Squarespace! I use Shopify for the store’s online platform, it is definitely more store friendly but I love the versatility of Squarespace.