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Hey Girl! Did you feel that weather? I know it, is starting to feel like spring! WOoT WOot! This feeling of spring is not imaginary because this past week, spring officially started and I am so ready for this next season. Now I can't say my closet feels as prepared as I do for spring, so I dragged myself to the store this year and made it a point to make my current closet work with minimal additions.

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Love Series: Love the Family You Have

Families aren't perfect, most of us know this very well. But did you know that the family you have can have a lasting effect on your psychiatric health and how we as adults view life? In a study done by The Indiana Journal of Psychology, they found that out of all the children that had any signs of adverse mental health issues (ADD, ADHD, trauma...etc), 89% of them had some type of disruption in their family structure. That's amazing to me how much the humans we don't even pick to be our family have a toll on us. Maybe you don't have much family, but you have friends that are your family, these units come with similar struggles. Like many others, I struggled with the family I was given in many different areas.

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Love Series: Love Yo Self

So there are many types of loves, and we will talk about four of the "Loves" that I have struggled with the most in this Love Series, maybe you relate.

First love on this list LOVE YOUR SELF. No, I don't mean selfish, "ME, ME, only ME" love but learning to know yourself and love every part of yourself. Why? Because you only have you. If we had the option, I would have probably been someone else back in the days I didn't love myself enough, but apparently, we can't.

Loving yourself is a lot more complicated than you would think. There are levels to self-love so here are the levels that I had the hardest time with:

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Estar Casada: Revisión Primer Mes

Sí ... Como el título podría haberte hecho saber ¡He estado casada por un MES! Esta fue una experiencia completamente nueva. Sé que probablemente estás pensando: "Duh ... estás casada y no lo estabas antes". Hemos estado juntos desde 2012 pero déjenme decirles que siete años de citas y 16 años de conocernos, no me mostró todo. Hay un factor que creo que afectó cómo nos fue este mes; Ameer y yo no vivimos juntos hasta casarnos.

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Being Married: Month 1 Review

Soo, yeah… As the title might have let you know, I have been married for a MONTH! I have to say that this was a whole new experience. I know you're probably thinking, “Well, Duh… You’re married, and you weren’t before”, but we’ve been together since 2012. You’d think that seven years of dating and 16 years of knowing each other would be enough time to see it all, but that was not true. There is one factor that I believe affected how this month went; Ameer and I didn't live together until we got married.

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Is Failure the End or a Stepping Stone?

Have you ever gotten to the point where you think that you failed so bad there is no turning back, you’re done, game over, the end. I have been there multiple times, but I have to say the worst had to be with the store. The day I knew that I was not happy with what I was doing and that I had gone against a lot of my goals for the store, was the day it became just a business. 

Full disclosure, this is one of the hardest subjects for me to touch on, things are still up in the air and the lack of stability makes me feel like a failure at times…

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