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Love Series: Love the Family You Have

Families aren't perfect, most of us know this very well. But did you know that the family you have can have a lasting effect on your psychiatric health and how we as adults view life? In a study done by The Indiana Journal of Psychology, they found that out of all the children that had any signs of adverse mental health issues (ADD, ADHD, trauma...etc), 89% of them had some type of disruption in their family structure. That's amazing to me how much the humans we don't even pick to be our family have a toll on us. Maybe you don't have much family, but you have friends that are your family, these units come with similar struggles. Like many others, I struggled with the family I was given in many different areas.

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Is Failure the End or a Stepping Stone?

Have you ever gotten to the point where you think that you failed so bad there is no turning back, you’re done, game over, the end. I have been there multiple times, but I have to say the worst had to be with the store. The day I knew that I was not happy with what I was doing and that I had gone against a lot of my goals for the store, was the day it became just a business. 

Full disclosure, this is one of the hardest subjects for me to touch on, things are still up in the air and the lack of stability makes me feel like a failure at times…

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