Transition > Dispose + Each Under $45


Hey Girl! Did you feel that weather? I know it, is starting to feel like spring! WOoT WOot! This feeling of spring is not imaginary because this past week, spring officially started and I am so ready for this next season. Now I can't say my closet feels as prepared as I do for spring, so I dragged myself to the store this year and made it a point to make my current closet work with minimal additions. I know it can be a bit surprising that someone who is working on a clothing store and at a graphic tee store would not like to shop as much. But trust me I'm honest when I say I don't love to shop. I love to dress people, just not myself. I do have standards for my wardrobe though, comfort, quality, and minimalism are my top three priorities for my closet.

In college, I had the fantastic opportunity to intern for Daniel Silverstein owner of Zero Waste Daniel in Brooklyn, NY. When I interned, he was still located in Manhattan, NY and his brand went by his name. He was honestly the first person to ever put the issue of the fashion industry's waste on my radar, and I am forever thankful to be conscious. If we take the time to look at the numbers of how we are affecting our environment with the fast-fashion industry and all these seasonal buying habits, it's pretty shocking... We now buy 60% more clothing and keeps them about half the time we used to 15 years ago. In 2014 the US put out about 16 million tons of textile waste according to statistics. I may not be zero waste like Daniel is but I have picked up better habits, like donating, thrifting and making more of a curated closet that works year round instead of just seasonally.

To transition my winter closet into spring, I have added only five items to my wardrobe that will help me transition a lot of my outfits to a more spring look.

Here they are:

1. A neutral Tote/Purse - ($30 - TJMaxx):


This tote was a much-needed addition to my closet, not only for transitioning purposes but also for elevating my look purposes. I have been using a navy canvas tote bag that I got at Magic Market in NYC two years ago. One my original bag needs to be transitioned into a grocery shopping bag and two I needed a more stylish look for both dressing up or down purposes. The bag is a two in one bag that also has a bag inside for easy swapping of bags or as a clutch for a lighter look.


2. Neutral Loafers - ($40 - TJMaxx):

These are AWESOME. They are so, and I love how cute they look with jeans, dresses and even shorts. They are very, and because of their color, they can go with pretty much anything. Now the shoes are Franco Sarto, and I think they run about $100-$120 at the original price, but I paid $40, (thank you, TJMAXX!). I'm not big on brands, but I am big on quality, and that's what sold me on these shoes.


3. Black Sandals - ($20 - TJMaxx):

I love these sandals for their minimal look, and they are also very comfortable. These are great for those hotter days and the more laid back looks. Living in Louisiana and knowing that sometimes we can get up to midwinter with hot days I know these are going to be one of my favorites go to for a lot of my looks. Again in a neutral but more of a darker neutral for those looks that need a darker tone.


4. & 5. Simple V-neck Tee - ($12 -

Now, these items are still not live to the public, but they will be this April alongside our first Fair-Trade earrings (creating jobs for women in Honduras), our favorite woman-owned jeans. These basic tees with rounded hems and a higher/wider V-neck make for an amazingly versatile piece. I got mine in a sage blue and a mustard yellow to add a little more life to my very dark winter wardrobe. I have tried these with blue jeans and my new black sandals. I have tucked them in with black denim, my new loafers, and a belt for a more polished look. They have to be one of my favorite shirts because they look nice enough to dress up and simple enough to wear with almost anything. The price is also nice on your pocket.


Bottom line, make your closet work for you and your budget. A new season doesn't have to mean a new closet, so transition it to make it work for you all year. And make that wardrobe work for every dollar you spent on it! Bonus: you also contribute less textile waste to the environement. Win, Win, Win.

With a mindful conscious + a low budget,