My Top 10 Tips For Travel

Roatan Island, Honduras

Roatan Island, Honduras

Look I know that travel isn’t for everyone but I feel like personally I was born to travel. I loved it from the very beginning. I know you might be thinking that’s probably because I’ve had it good when I traveled. But back when I took my first trips, it was not glamorous, not even just a bit.

NYC, New York

NYC, New York

While we lived in Honduras we would take day trips to the beach and that was about all the travel we had until we made the big move to the States. Then every Christmas and summer consisted of my whole family packing up and cramming like sardines in a small car. We would ride like this for 4 days, from Baton Rouge through Mexico and Guatemala to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Yes, for all those who didn’t do good in geography, you can drive from Louisiana all the way to Honduras (I used to get people who would argue with me that you couldn’t).


Looking back I have to say my dad deserves some credit, because he made sure he made those 4 days a tradition I will always remember. When we were on the road he made sure he found some cool places to stop at.

We had a specific route we took so that we could eat our favorite places. He made sure our hotels included pools so that we felt like it was a mini vacation within our trip.  He would teach us to eat according to the region we were in and it was all a full culture submersion as we travel through teach country.


Then as we got older and my father started doing better in his business, so we began to fly back and forth from Honduras to Louisiana. We flew almost every cheap airline but we learned to loved to fly. Our parents began to plan trips for us and we would have a two day notice before we had to pack and head out. And so traveling, and more specifically traveling on short notice became part of us all. 

After that I took my first international trip alone with Cindy (my younger sister) at the age of 12 and I was soo excited to be going without my parents. I had seen the process so many times I was ready to test my knowledge. To my surprise we had to fly with a flight attendant who pretty, much babysat us until we arrived safely… poo. But at the age of 15 (legal age to travel internationally alone) I got my chance and I was hooked. 

Travel can be costly and sometimes fear of the unknown can cause people to be to anxious to travel or to not even do it at all. But I believe that the memories you can create from travel is something that no one can take from you. Travel can open our minds to many other ideas, inspire us, make us more cultured, and even help us connect spiritually as we are amazed by the wonders and sceneries out there for us to explore. 

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

So after all that, here are My Top 10 Tips for your explorations:

Notre Dam, France

Notre Dam, France

  1. No Expectations:

    When you plan a trip make sure that you go in with no expectations. Sometimes our expectations create an image in our head that limit us to onky feel excited if that image comes true and we miss other things. It can also cause disappoinment to not see what you expected even if you go to experience something new. Most of the time an unexpected path is the better path. Take your trips with no expectations and open minded.

  2. Stay is 50%:

    If you are on a budget but need a getaway, make sure you start by going through your contacts. Check out who you know that lives somewhere you’d like to visit and that already covering 50% of the cost. If you are just staring to travel, I would defiantly recommend starting with all the places you know you have somewhere to stay. It’s a two in one: you get to visit people you probably haven’t seen and you get to travel and explore new things while you’re there.

  3. Quantity > Quality:

    This is probably one of the only times this is true. Visiting more places is more important than how glamorous, fancy or expensive your trip is. The memories are the same and sometimes even better on a budget. Getting multiple small trips can amount to way more priceless memories than having one Insta-worthy one that will get you a bunch of likes.

  4. Check All Your Options:

    I check all my favorite Arlines directly through their apps , but you can also use KAYAK and Expedia for a quick search of all my options for travel. You never know, I have found the same trip on two different airlines for two completely different prices. So just make sure you check all your options.

  5. Sometime You Have to Let The Trip Pick You:

    This is best done by checking deals on your favorite airline website! I will go in an look when there is a sale, see where I could go, do I have those days available? Is the price a good deal? Sold! You never know where you could end up for the weekend at an amazing price.

  6. More Friends More Money:

    Want to take a trip but it’s way too expensive? invites some friends and split the cost of the trip. Also the best alternative to hotel I have found is Airbnb. With the Airbnb app you can find a place for you and all your friends to stay at. Then just split the total cost with all your friends!

  7. Flying Solo Dolo:

    Can’t find friends to go with? Try a solo trip. These are best for efficiency, a bit more relaxing and you can move at your own pace. Sometimes even a small stay-cation can be a good reset for yourself.

  8. The Best T’s:

    Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are usually the best days to buy your ticket for. Whether you are coming back or leaving these are the best days to depart or arrive. Now I know that not everyone can travel mid week but if you leave on a Thursday night and come back on a Tuesday you would only need to take off 3 days and you get a 5 day vacation for a good price.

  9. Pack Light:

    Always pack light. Moving around is easier. You don’t have to wait at any baggage claim areas. It makes it easier to get a trip within your trip (especially in Europe). I know most people freak out about not having enough clothes but there are two options:

    1. You bring detergent and fabric softener (powder form for TSA purposes) and plan ahead by finding your nearest Laundromat (some airbnb’s have their own washer and dryer, good to keep in mind when booking). You wash and TA-DA! You have the double the clothes without packing more.

    2. You make sure what you’re packing is all MIX and MATCHABLE, so you get double the outfits.

  10. Fake it Till’ You Make It:

    When visiting a new place, especially a new country, make sure to submerge yourself in the way the locals live and where they go. Ask a local where they eat and where they go after work. This will give you a better sense of what the culture is like and what the food should taste like.

Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Whatever your plans just know that whether you take a day trip to Nola or you go backpacking in Europe, any trip is an excuses for making new memories.

P.S. I have 3 mini trips coming up the next few weeks. Dallas, Houston, and San Fransisco. I will let you know what you can do in each city for a quick 24 hour trip!

San Fransisco, California

San Fransisco, California

With an Adventurous Spirit + Thankful Heart,